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  • Урок 1. 00:02:14
    Set up Vue-Router and add the Root Application Route
  • Урок 2. 00:01:25
    Create Routes in Vue and Understand the Path Hierarchy
  • Урок 3. 00:01:36
    Access Route Parameters in a Vue Component
  • Урок 4. 00:02:44
    Create Subroutes Displaying One or More Vue Components with the children Key
  • Урок 5. 00:01:45
    Catch All Undefined Paths with a Wildcard Route in Vue
  • Урок 6. 00:01:26
    Add Metadata to Vue Routes
  • Урок 7. 00:03:45
    Block Unauthenticated Access to Pages with Vue Router Navigation Guards
  • Урок 8. 00:02:36
    Programmatically Navigate to Routes with Vue Component Methods
  • Урок 9. 00:01:32
    Use Vue Router-Link to Navigate within Components
  • Урок 10. 00:03:25
    Refactor Your Router and Route Definitions into Separate Files