Этот материал находится в платной подписке. Оформи премиум подписку и смотри Build a Server Rendered Vue.js App with Nuxt and Vuex, а также все другие курсы, прямо сейчас!
  • Урок 1. 00:02:21
    Setup a \"Hello World\" Server-Rendered Vue.js Application with the Vue-CLI and Nuxt
  • Урок 2. 00:02:03
    Manage Vue.js State with Vuex and Nuxt
  • Урок 3. 00:01:49
    Update Vuex State with Mutations and MapMutations in Vue.js
  • Урок 4. 00:01:25
    Add CSS Libraries to Nuxt
  • Урок 5. 00:01:33
    Add Arrays of Data to the Vuex Store and Display Them in Vue.js Templates
  • Урок 6. 00:02:16
    Load Data from APIs with Nuxt and Vuex
  • Урок 7. 00:00:52
    Understand the Flash of Unstyled Content in Nuxt
  • Урок 8. 00:03:50
    Handle Load Errors in Nuxt with Alternate Data, Redirect, or Error Layout
  • Урок 9. 00:02:56
    Navigate with nuxt-link and Customize isClient Behavior in Nuxt and Vue.js
  • Урок 10. 00:05:25
    Build a Vue.js Form then use Vuex Actions to Post to an API in Nuxt
  • Урок 11. 00:03:41
    Use Vuex Actions to Delete Data from APIs in Nuxt and Vue.js
  • Урок 12. 00:02:34
    Update State with Vuex Actions in Nuxt.js
  • Урок 13. 00:02:55
    Display Vuex Data Differently in Each Page of Nuxt and Vue.js