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  • Урок 1. 00:05:48
    Use Linear Regression To Estimate Continuous Values with Python and Scikit-learn
  • Урок 2. 00:04:50
    unnamed 2Predict Categories in Python using Scikit-learn's Logistic Regression module
  • Урок 3. 00:03:24
    Use Support Vector Machines To Find Complex Decision Boundaries with Scikit-learn
  • Урок 4. 00:04:38
    Use K-nearest Neighbors To Find Similar Datapoints with Python and Scikit-learn
  • Урок 5. 00:05:33
    Implement a Naive Bayes Classifier in Python and Scikit-learn to Categorize Text
  • Урок 6. 00:05:39
    Implement Decision Trees in Python with Scikit-learn
  • Урок 7. 00:04:13
    Find Clusters of Data with K-means Clustering in Python and Scikit-learn